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國際企業管理學系 博士班
  1. 文化國企所之特色

    At first, I would like to introduce my university. Chinese Culture University has twelve colleges other than the importance of Chinese culture. It includes College of Foreign Languages, College of Arts, College of Education, College of Environmental Design, and College of Business Administration and so on. 
    Students have advantages to create the future. Our college of business administration has six departments. However, it is important to emphasize that students in the graduate institute of international business administration will have different philosophical thoughts involving Chinese philosophy, Japanese philosophy, and scientific philosophy that enable students to explore, to understand our real world with scientifically logical way. It is not only for your learning, but also for your expected future.

  2. 自我專長之介紹

    I worked in U-theatre for at least five years. I majored in Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, performing arts, and sports and so forth, because of my background. However, have participating thousands of performing activities during my practical experiences, I finally understood that I need to learn different subject in order to develop my competence.
    In the graduate school, I interest in marketing, because it is powerful, central. Therefore, I have a dream as an expert for society including stakeholder and reputation of our school.

  3. 自我之期許

    Of cause, publishing a quality paper is undoubtedly crucial because it is any graduate students’ duty. I am looking forward to doing everything right for accomplishing the aim.


    1. 對在職生的期許:厚實能力才是讀博士班的最大目標,而不是休閒、或只是培養人脈。
    2. 高階主管的期許:員工們期待您能帶回更好的教育系統、領導系統來啟發他們,面對未來可能的挑戰。
    3. 對曾經國外留學的期許:分享您所學的知識,成為文化國企所,最有潛力的研究生與意見領袖。
    4. 對不同領域學生的期許:需要就勇敢的跨越領域鴻溝,社會需要不同的人才
    5. 對一般生的期許:用最謙虛的態度,準備迎接非常專業且多層次的訓練。


    • 報考任何一所大學研究所博士班,本應全力以赴,過程中,也如同一個偵探,任何一個細節都不能放棄。除了應注意考試日期、科目名稱與應繳交資料外,內容才是關鍵,應深入了解,當中必會獲得啟發。
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