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About Us

    1. History

In 1975, Master’s Program, Department of Business Administration was established, which was among the few Master’s Programs for business administration in Taiwan. Since this program emphasized science and humanity, it became one of the leading programs at that time.

In 1992, in order to meet the trend of internationalization of Taiwan’s economy and society, the Chairwoman, Tsai-Mei Lin, reformed the Master’s Program and renamed the program Master’s Program, Department of International Business Administration by the approval from the Ministry of Education. Due to the Master’s Program’s excellence in teaching, the Ph.D. Program of the department was also built in the same year to cultivate international business administration professionals.

Currently, the admitted students of both Master’s and Doctoral Programs mainly come from two admission processes -- the recommendation and screening program, and entrance exam.


  1. Mission and Educational Goals

Following the guideline of "steady development and improvement”, the department trains business management professionals and academic researchers with various kinds of expertise for the country. Students can use what they learn both for employment and further studies and to contribute to the economic development of Taiwan. Each program has the following mission and educational goals:

  1. Master’s Program

Cultivation of analysts of business management for service industry with systematic thinking and decision making skills, excellent moral accomplishment, and global macro views.

  1. Ph.D. Program

Cultivation of teaching professionals and academic researchers for management education industry with skills in knowledge creating, excellent moral accomplishment, and global macro views.

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