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A.   Master’s Program

(A)          In order to cultivate analysts of business management for service industry, this program emphasizes application and practice. Professors have excellent work experience to help students strengthen competitive advantage in work places on the basis of academic thinking.

(B)          Every semester arrange for corporate vists, forums and professional speechs, providing students with opportunities for job interviews.

(C)          Every holds academic conference once to cultivate students the abilities of group working, leadership and communication, and strtegic thinking, which are the most important traits of high level managers.

B.   Ph.D. Program

(A)          Cultivates students the ability to publish research work on high quality academic journals.

(B)          Emphasizes the ability of cross-cultural behavior research to equip students with global views and ability to participate in international academic society.

Every holds academic conference once to provide students with opportunities of interacting with, and presenting research work to, professionals and professors outside the school, therefore, the opportunities of seeking a teaching job.